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Edward R. Cozzi, President and Owner of Performance Marine Surveyors Inc.

Entrenched in the boat business in Chicago since 1971, we moved our operation to Southeast Florida in late 1979. Our experience extends from dockside marine repair, offshore powerboat racing, boat brokerage and new boat sales. Our years of custom gasoline engine building for stock and high performance automobiles and boats have made us the premier surveyors for gasoline powered watercraft. We have the capability to perform compression and leak-down tests to any gasoline engine.


Our Pre-Purchase Condition & Value Survey includes a full inventory of accessories and a check of all critical and non-critical structures with a non-invasive moisture meter and a FLIR thermal imaging camera.

On fuel-injected gasoline engines our survey includes a computer scan of the electronic control modules to confirm actual running time hours and check for trouble or fault codes.

Our expert witness division has the uncanny ability to properly explain complex boat situations to any jury in terms they can easily understand.

While we survey all types of express cruisers, runabouts, sailboats, sport fisherman and motor yachts, our niche market is the high performance "Cigarette-Type" vessel. Being a "High Performance" company, Ed Cozzi thoroughly understands high performance boats.


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