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I need a survey. How do I go about it?

Your offer on the vessel of your choice should be made subject to: Survey, Sea Trial and ability to secure insurance and financing. When a date for the inspection has been determined, it is your brokers responsibility to make arrangements for the boat to be hauled out for the inspection.

The surveyor will outline any particular requirements, such as the removal of non-essential equipment which might limit the inspection.

What type of survey do I need if I am buying a boat?

If you are looking to buy a boat aFull Pre-Purchase Condition Survey is the most appropriate type of survey which includes a valuation and inventory that makes it suitable for insurance and financing.

Some surveyors also offer External Hull Inspections or Partial Condition Surveys, the former is also known as an osmosis check when applied to fiberglass craft. We include a non-invasive moisture meter check in all hull surveys.

What isn't included in the survey?

The survey contract will outline the extent of the inspection and list any limitations.

The following items are not always included in a full condition survey and mayrequire hiring an outside specialist: diesel engine survey and sea trials. The surveyor can usually recommend an appropriate person or may be able to carry out the work himself at an extra charge.


My insurance company requires my boat to be surveyed and valued. How does this work?

Insurance companies will often request a condition report and valuation by a surveyor as a requirement for coverage. The survey will be based upon a full inspection of the vessel and will suggest recommendations concerning its safe operation. This should be seen as an opportunity rather than a chore.

My boat has been damaged in an accident. Should I employ a marine surveyor?

Following an accident your insurance company is likely to contract their own marine surveyor in order to ascertain the extent of any damage to your vessel.You should be aware that in this case the surveyor's client is the insurance company. You must consider hiring an independent surveyor to look after your own interests.

I have a new boat. Should I hire a marine surveyor?  

A marine surveyor can often be usefully retained as an owner's representative to monitor a new build and will also give a professional insight with regard to working practices and the quality of installations. It may be particularly useful to hire a marine surveyor to carry out an inspection prior to delivery.

Edward R. Cozzi


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