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"Talk about service after the sale...Ed notified me of a recall on the outboards on the boat he surveyed for me MONTHS after the survey was done. Finally, somebody in this industry that actually CARES about his customers long after the money has changed hands. Keep up the good work, Ed. You will always be successful with your attitude."

Morgan Templeton

"We learned early-on it was in our best interest to have Ed survey any potential trades we planned to take in. We have flown him all over the country to survey, sea trial and compression test the engines of many high performance watercraft. After one of his surveys we knew exactly what we were getting. He understands the boat and the machinery like few surveyors do."

Paul Fiore, Outer Limits Powerboats

Bristol, Rhode Island

As a heavy hitter who buys toys with cash, and employs experts in all fields in his life like many of you reading this testimonial, let me make this life learned opinion clear and unambiguous. You will prove yourself a genius if you hire this guy for your boat buying expert advisor. Cozzi did a substantial 6 figure boat buy and refurbished the 45 foot monster to Concours d’Elegance standards. Ed directed my project and subbed out to Florida's best boat people in all phases of the refurbishing. I saved tons of money not making stupid mistakes, got exactly what I wanted, and was advised beautifully and professionally. I sent Ed hundreds of thousands of dollars and everything was handled open book and without a hitch. We did engines, interiors, and countless upgrades. Ed Cozzi is the real deal. Idiots of course will not appreciate a word I just wrote. Successful people will jump to Ed like a duck on a June bug. I drill deep high pressured gas wells for a living so experts are a part of my life. Get it? Got it? Call Ed."

Ed, Las Vegas, Nevada

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